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What is the Feldenkrais Method®?

The Feldenkrais Method® is transformative. At it’s heart, the method explores learning itself; how to more easily learn in a more satisfying manner. Exploring the Feldenkrais Method®, you can learn to do whatever you love to do with more ease and functionality and potency. The  group classes and individual sessions bring new possibilities and beneficial change.

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What is Awareness through Movement®

Awareness through Movement® is a journey through unique explorations of movement which can improve every aspect of your daily life. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain; an athlete, artist or musician improving your game, struggling with anxiety or a person recovering from injury-  Awareness Through Movement® provides new possibilities and ease.

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Why Explore Voice?

Exploring somatically the essence of how humans make sound and sing is deeply intriguing and satisfying.The Feldenkrais Method® can profoundly free and enliven those who seek to open their creative voice. Somatic based explorations which do not follow the dictates and limitation of a particular pedagogy can unlock an individual’s true voice. To be able to express who we are through singing brings health on manylevels. Research shows singing enhances the immune system and changes our brain chemistry for the better and more. 

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What is Creative Integration?

My lifelong inquiry through professional and personal work I call “Creative Integration.”

Many years working as an acupuncturist/herbalist treating chronic health issues informed my view of what truly creates health. I believe developing a sense of personal agency is primary. As a Feldenkrais Practitioner I now teach classes that emphasize self engendered learning rather than treat people with tools they cannot use themselves. The lessons create a somatic foundation where we come home to our whole self. 


At the same time, I am a person who loves to sing and write and create. I have learned that finding my own voice in creative activity, above all other experiences, quickly enlivens and heals. Unmuting ourselves in a positive and somatically based way has tremendous healing potential. This combination is what I call “Creative Integration.”

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Who is Dr. Feldenkrais?

Who developed the Feldenkrais Method?

An engineer and physicist, and a pioneer in the benefits of neuroplasticy, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais understood human experience in a unique way. He developed Awareness through Movement® and Functional Integration® over a span of 40 years, brilliantly making use of the nervous system's capacity to learn and change.


As a structural engineer he understood the skeleton’s  ability to support us without muscular strain. His lessons are designed to free us from muscular tension and thus free us from the experience of constant needless effort. As a research scientist and learning theorist he glimpsed the possibilities of utilizing the benefits of neuroplasticity. 


Dr Feldenkrais developed movement explorations which improve our ease and agency. Exploring the Feldenkrais Method® clarifies our intention and engenders a “can do” experience changing and improving the quality of many lives, including my own.

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All ages, walks of life, abilities, interests and experience;

people recovering from injury, chronic illness or chronic pain, artists, athletes, runners, dancers, walkers, singers, musicians, children with special needs, and elders with increasing movement limitations.

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