The Intersection of Well Being and Creative Expression

Satisfying, Nurturing, Transformative 


Evokes Curiosity, Competence and Creativity


       The Feldenkrais Method® 

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Christine A.Toscano, an early pioneer in the integrative health field is also a lifelong composer and singer. She began her career as an Acupuncturist ( licensed in 1984) and since the1970’s has explored in depth;  Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Meditation, QI Gong, Homeopathy, Jungian Psychology, Ceramic Art, Composing and Voice - all with a commitment to excellence and functional knowledge that truly creates well being. 


As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner she opened the Feldenkrais Movement Center at Salmon Creek in 2013 and practices the Feldenkrais Method as a vehicle for integrating her knowledge and lifelong experience. Her focus is on teaching Awareness Through Movement®, Functional Integration® and somatic based vocal explorations. Her central intention is exploring the intersection between creative expression and wellbeing.

The Movement Center at Salmon Creek 

The Movement Center at Salmon Creek is currently closed due to Covid-19. All classes are now happily online. 

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